Facebook Messenger Bug Is Making Old Messages Reappear

Facebook Messenger Bug

We all use facebook messenger to share the text messages in between our friends, family members, and closed ones but what will happen if you see the old conversations which you had with people coming up as new messages on messenger?. Well, something like this happened yesterday because according to the official report presented by the facebook many users have complained to the company that the old messages are getting popped up in their inbox. The first time company noticed this problem when there were some users from twitter who were reporting that the old text messages are getting displayed as new ones in their messenger’s inbox and later facebook after investigating this matter confirmed this happened because of some bug. Facebook’s spokesperson officially said, “We’re aware of the issue which is causing lots of problems for the messenger user, and soon we will resolve it.”

There are some problems like this happened earlier too because in 2015 facebook started resurfacing painful memories which caused lots of users to re-experience the painful moments they had in the past. It seems like there’s the problem with ongoing algorithm and company need to fix it because sometimes things like this can make users more frustrated. It looks like Facebook needs to handle such kind of historical data of users carefully because the company is already facing lots of criticism for using users private data also whenever things like this happen it makes users to trust less on the company’s intention.

However, in evening Facebook has given their statement in which they said that due to the software updates many users had to face this problem and now it has been fixed by the Facebook team. Facebook’s team officially apologized to those users who had to go through their memories which might’ve been painful for some people but we hope things like this won’t happen in future.

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